My loving parents and I! #family #photoop #love #fridaynight #summer 💗💗
Summer sisters! #sisters #family #love #summer #fridaynight #dress 👭💗
Typical Sunday selfie! Ready for my friends bridal shower! #selfie #selfiesunday #summer
Happy Birthday to my sweet Sierra!! She will always be my sweet fluffy and furry baby!! 😍💕🐶🎉
Back on the Court!!!

So way back in my high school years I didn’t play any school sports but I did play volleyball for two local youth clubs. However after I graduated I also aged out of the youth club. So I only played in my front yard for fun or when I was in Florida for vaca on the beach! Three years later as of today that all changed.

Today I started playing for an intramural volleyball team. The catch is that the team is full of soldiers from the base where the gym is located. The base that I play at is also the same base where my friends are stationed at so I get to have my friends come and see me possibly.

The first day went great even though I’m very rusty and on top of that I served wrong so I messed up my thumb and its a little swollen and bruised. Other then that Im so excited to be back on the Volleyball court and cant wait to make friends through my team! I cant wait to play for the rest of the season!!  

I am so glad I decided to workout at that gym last week where I was asked if I wanted to play. This is what happens when I’m a military dependent Im able to be apart of sport teams! ;)

What my afternoon consists of! Studying for three exams all next week! #study #collegelife #ITmajor #computer #exams 📚📖📝😝😁
Bye Bye Spring Break! :(….

So today is my last day of Spring Break and I have to say my spring break went pretty well even though I just stayed home and didnt get to go to the beach in Florida! Instead I spent it at work and spending time with my friends, family and my amazing southern soldier boyfriend.

I also realized that I really did love working everyday full time and I cant wait to do more of it when spring semester is over in May and the public schools are still in session until end of June. 

Besides that the one weird thing about my spring break is that as of right now it is snowing after it was 60 degrees yesterday and on Tuesday its back in the 50s! I hope this will be the last snow storm of the year!!!